Top Graphics Cards in 2022

Top Graphics Cards in 2022 – Handpicked, powerful, high-end Graphic cards, a must for every gamer and developer.

Greetings Cyberpunks,

Every gamer and developer needs a graphics card eventually, and we have been asked many questions regarding the card manufacturer and its model, which always confuses the buyer

In this blog, we have highlighted some of the key areas that would help you in choosing your graphics card.
There are many manufacturers of graphics cards in the market like Asus, Colorful, Zotac, Galax, Gigabyte, PNY, MSI, etc., and they all are good brands, yet the final decision is always difficult to make.

Nvidia and ATI manufacture the chipsets only, but in that case, also, they are just chip designers (production is done by Samsung, TSMS, Micron, etc.), and they supply chipsets and PCB designs to the manufacturers like the brands we mentioned earlier.

Every brand has its own unique way of designing the card, and each model has its own Unique Selling Point like good thermal design, good overclockablelity, size, price, and color.

There are multiple models of the same graphics chipset; for example, Zotac has at least four RTX 3070 like Twin Edge, Twin Edge OC, AMP Holo, Arctic Storm, etc. Each model has its own special feature and price point.

Which graphic cards are needed?

Every brand has entry-level, mid-level, and high-level cards for the same chipset model, and they need to be understood before deciding on the final one.

An entry-level chipset card is something you need just for experiencing the chipset for your day-to-day gaming or development with no heavy use at all. For example, Asus has RTX 3070 Dual, Zotac has RTX 3070 Twin Edge, Colorful has RTX 3070 NB or Battleax, Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle OC, MSI has RTX 3070 Ventus, etc.

These entry-level cards give you the necessary experience of the chipset for an affordable price that most buyers choose. However, they may lack good thermal design and performance since they have only two cooling fans (Except Colorful, which gives 3x Fans in some entry-level models). This category is usually selected for those who want small and compact builds.

The second option is mid-level cards with better clock speed, thermal design, and performance than the entry-level models. For Example, Asus Tuf gaming, Gigabyte Aorus Elite, Colorful Ultra, Zotac AMP Holo, MSI Gaming X, etc. These models are an ideal choice if you want good durability, performance, and thermal design. These cards also have more power consumption compared to entry-level cards, so a good power supply is also needed. This segment has more popularity than any other just because of the perfect balance of price, performance, durability, thermal design, etc.

High – End Graphic Cards for competitive gamers

The high-end cards are for the hardcore gamers, developers, and heavy users who could be good streamers. This segment is overkill and quite expensive but packed with power. Asus ROG Strix, Colorful Advanced and Vulcan, Gigabyte Aorus Master, MSI Gaming Z, Zotac Arctic storm, Galax HOF, etc., belong to this category. These cards have the highest possible clock speed, amazing overclockability, best thermal designs, top-notch performance, and, of course, high price along with beastly size too. These beasts can take any load as per your utility and stay cool (maybe a little noisy considering the number of fans and their speed). These cards get heated up quite easily due to their high clock speed, so their thermal design is also better than the previous two segments. This option is for those who have plenty of bucks to spend and do not want to upgrade for at least the next three years.

The question remains the same: which one is the perfect 3D computer graphics for your need?

We have done enough research and experience with almost all the models from all the brands over the last many years and have come up with some results that could be surprising.

For the best price, Zotac wins the race though the thermal design needs a lot of rework on it. For compact size cards, Zotac is the best choice for gamers and the only brand offering five years of warranty (3 years + 2 years on product registration).

Colorful has become the best option so far as they offer better thermal design for a balanced result and price. The Ultra variant of Colorful graphics cards is the perfect option for all gamers and developers (Unless you have a lot of money to spend on their Vulcan series with an LCD screen).

Asus has one failed series called Dual that has a pretty bad thermal design though it would help you lower your budget. Asus Tuf gaming is a well-balanced card for the price, performance, and durability-though it is way too expensive compared to other brands placing it among the premium brand (Performance-wise, it still doesn’t match the Colorful Advanced variant that is quite cheaper than this),

 MSI has Gaming X and Supreme X variants that are worthy contenders to consider if your pockets are full. The Ventus variant is not good with thermal design; therefore, we would not recommend it.
Gigabyte has the Aorus series to consider with the best performance, durability, and price point. Eagle series is not up to the mark as per our benchmark.