Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of any product from Kryptonite Microsystems. By placing an order, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior written notice at any time at Kryptonite Microsystem’s sole discretion. 

Payment Terms: 

Mentioned prices are in Indian rupees inclusive of taxes applicable in India and excluding the shipping charges unless mentioned. Payment must be received by Kryptonite Microsystems before the order is processed. Kryptonite Microsystems reserves the right to cancel the order placed while any pricing, typological or human error occurs.


Shipping will be done to the registered/mentioned address while placing the order. For all products damaged or lost in transit, please notify us within three business days from receiving damaged products, a short shipment, or not receiving an expected order, and we will work with you to resolve the issue. All the orders from Kryptonite Microsystems require the signatory of the recipient. Shipping dates are estimates and may vary considering certain circumstances.

Order Cancellations: 

Order can be cancelled before the order is dispatched. In the case of custom-made computers or other parts that have been procured from the brands for the order, the order can’t be cancelled.


All the products sold by Kryptonite Microsystems come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is mentioned in each of the product listings. Custom computers different types of warranty included in it that needs to be checked with our sales staff or on the website before placing order.


Kryptonite Microsystems may change its service offerings. Kryptonite Microsystems may revise and discontinue products at any time without prior notice to customers. Kryptonite Microsystems will ship products that have analogous or better functionality and performance of the products ordered. The parts and assemblies used in building Kryptonite Microsystems products are selected from new parts.

Not for Resale: 

You agree that you are buying Kryptonite Microsystems products for your own use and not for resale. This restriction does not apply if you are a reseller who has met Kryptonite Microsystems’ requirements for resale and have provided all written documentation before the time of purchase.

Kryptonite Microsystems PC WARRANTY AGREEMENT

Kryptonite Microsystems assures that our products and workmanship will be free of defects. All Kryptonite Microsystems PC systems come with Lifetime Phone and Online Support as well as hardware/component support during the mentioned time in the invoice.

This warranty does not cover:

  • All non-Kryptonite Microsystems branded products such as: monitors, speakers, mice, keyboards, etc., which are provided as is under original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All software, including the operating system and any software added at the customer’s request. 
  • Damage caused by actions that are beyond Kryptonite Microsystems ‘s control, such as: lack of maintenance, impacts, liquids, fire, rain, lightning or other disasters.
  • Product that has been damaged through misuse, abuse or mishandling. 
  • Unauthorized modification of the system as a whole or individual component and/or the attachment of peripheral devices. 
  • Product for which Kryptonite Microsystems has not received full payment. 
  • Any product or parts not originally purchased from Kryptonite Microsystems. 


Please make sure to back up the data on data drive(s) and any other storage device(s) in the product(s) before you ship the product to us or before you replace a part. Remove any confidential or personal information and removable media such as CDs or DVDs. Kryptonite Microsystems is not responsible for any of your confidential or personal information; lost or corrupted data; or damaged or lost removable media.


Any information, configuration, availability and pricing are subject to change without prior notice. All product and custom system images are for understanding purposes only. Images displayed may contain optional equipment not included in every system configuration. Kryptonite Microsystems is not responsible for errors in typography or photography

Kryptonite Microsystems is not responsible for any losses resulting from using the website for referencing or pricing guide. 

In case if the buyer needs to return the PC, it is recommended to ship it with the shipping material and packaging it came with to be sure of no damage is done during transit.

Privacy Policy:

Kryptonite Microsystems is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Your collected data or information is to process the order precisely and hassle-free after-sale services. All your information is encrypted and we don’t sell data to any third party.

We may use cookies to improve your website experience and future reference though you could decide not to use/accept cookies.

You could opt-out from receiving emails from Kryptonite Microsystems at any time.