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Thermaltake Riing 12 C LED Case – Fan

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A 120mm patented blue LED Ring radiator fan with high-static pressure design.


Thermaltake’s new Riing 12 LED Series, a 120mm fan fitted to enhance static pressure that produces impressive cooling performance with an optimized fan blade. Hydraulic bearings for silent operation guarantee ultra-low noise. In addition, an anti-vibration mounting system strengthens the stability during operation.


Concentrated Compression Blade
Custom designed for high-static pressure requirements of demanding applications such as radiators, the Concentrated Compression Blade (CCB) is engineered to focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards, allowing the outer section to pressurize and compress the air.
Wind Blocker Frame
To achieve maximum static pressure in all applications, the wind blocker frame is designed to work with the Concentrated Compression Blade’s (CCB) pressure mechanism by directing airflow towards the middle section of the blade, thereby creating a compression effect and blocking any pressure from escaping. This reduces the blade’s noise and vibration, creating a perfect balance between power and sound.
Hydraulic Bearing with Low-Noise Design
The hydraulic bearing self-lubricates with a high quality, friction-reducing substance which lowers operating noise and improves efficiency. The seal cap prevents leakage of the lubricant, and improves the lifespan of the unit. The LNC (Low-Noise Cable) can reduce the noise level by 24% from 24.6dBA to 18.7dBA.
Four colors of the Patented LED Versions Available
Riing 12 LED Series is also available with different LED versions (red, blue, green, and white), adding cooling aesthetics to the chassis.

Detailed Spec

Fan Dimension
120*120*25 mm
Rated Voltage
12 V
Power Input
1.56 W
Fan Speed
1200 RPM
Max. Static Pressure
0.88 mm-H2O
Max. Air Flow
41.2 CPM
Noise Level
22 dB-A
Bearing Type
Hydraulic Bearing
LED: Blue
Size: 120 mm
Pack: Single
Fan Controller: No
Warranty: 2 Years

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