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SteelSeries Apex 100 Gaming Keyboard


The Apex 100 pro gaming keyboard gives you everything you need to crush the competition. The Quick Tension Switches are built to mimic a mechanical switches operation. When the key is pressed half way down, the tension design shoots the key the rest of the way into actuation. Underneath the switches are bold Ground Effect Backlighting and fully customization software giving you all the tools you need to get in the game.



  • Quick Tension Switches for over 20 million clicks
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Quick access media controls


Quick Tension Switches

The Apex 100 features quick tension switches that are designed to mimic a mechanical switch: when the key is pressed down half way, the Tension Membrane’s design pulls the key into actuation, resulting in faster registration that greatly improves responsiveness.


Key-Feel Consistency and Anti-Ghosting

Our switches are designed to deliver precision and key-feel consistency. The Apex 100 offers advanced anti-ghosting which supports up to 24 of the most commonly used keys in gaming.


About the Apex 100

The Apex 100 features quick tension membrane switches, vibrant blue backlighting and 24 key anti-ghosting at an entry-level price, making it the great gaming keyboard.


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