Essentials for Streaming

Essentials for Streaming

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We usually receive multiple requests to provide information and guides related to many things in gaming. In the past three weeks we have been requested to provide streaming gears related guide and here we are.

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How To Start Streaming From Your Laptop/Console/PC Easily?

Essentials for Streaming – Streaming consists of two major parts one is Streaming gears/hardware and second one is software/ application. The most used software are Streamlabs by Logitech and OBS (Open Brocaster Software). Both of them provide almost similar platform and UI so take your pick.

Hardware Part for streaming is kind of tricky as most of the users sometimes pick wrong choice and then they regret it.

Streaming can be done on Console like PS4, PS5 etc. that requires just a good Microphones and capture card for improved quality.

For professionals, a decent gaming PC is a must that consists at least Intel i5 10th Gen and onawrds and AMD Ryzen 3600X and onwards along with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB graphics card or better or ATI RX 6600 and onwards. Storage can be as per your choice depending how often you record your streams.

Streaming gears play important role in streaming that includes capture card, microphones, headphones, boom arm etc.

A good Headphones with good microphones will do for the beginners if they don’t want to spend much initially. You could go for Logitech G Pro Series of headphones, Hyperx Cloud series of headphones or Corsair HS60 Pro and onwards.

For professional streamers or those who really want smooth, flawless and high resolution streaming it is compulsory to get good gears for the same.

Blue Voice is one of the well known brands when it comes to microphones. We tested their microphones and they are the best with so many tuning and customisation options. You could go for Snowball, Yeti, Yeti Nano or Yeti X as per your budget and need. We personally prefer Yeti for all gamers and Yeti X for musicians and singers.

HyperX also has introduced Solo Cast and Quad Cast microphones for gamers that are really great for gamers.

Apart from microphones, one also needs Boom Arm for heavy weight microphones. There are many Boom Arm options available online but most of the can not handle heavy mics therefore make sure to choose one that is good quality like Blue Voice Compass and Radius to mount your microphones.

Capture cards play important role in flawless and quality streaming. We tested Elgato cards and they work like charm with so many customisation options starting from 720p till 4K resolution. Elgato has options for consoles too like HD60 and HD60S+ for full HD and 4K streaming respectively. Apart from all these gears there stream deck with many size options is an essential thing to make streaming pretty easy.

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