Build Your Own High-End, Affordable Custom PC.

Build your own high-end, affordable Custom PC.

Want a space-saving, flexible, rendering and high-end components integrated PC that is convenient for gaming and multitasking? Try building a Custom PC and save money and time by visiting Kryptonite Microsystems website over searching multiple websites and retail shops. 

Building your own custom PC has many advantages and the best technology investment to make. A quality gaming rig survives longer than regular computer, boasts more power and is versatile even as a Developer PC. Chances are there, this could be your first rodeo, but if you are fresher, then our technicians can simplify your process. 

What are the different types of Desktop PC

We could categorise desktops into many types but in our case we could focus only on gaming, rendering, machine learning, programming and developer PC.Every PC has its particular utility type it is built for and every part used in it matters a lot.

Gaming PC:

Gaming PCs are powerful desktops that could perform well in dire situation when every part is stressed to max and still it sustain without failure.Gaming PCs could be categorised into Low end, Mid end, High end and enthusiastic level.Let’s discuss each gaming PC briefly.

Low End Gaming PC:

This PC is for casual gamers who just entered into gaming world and want to experience gaming at entry level before deciding further. Games like Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite and many such games that could be played on this PC without any lag and offers decent FPS too.Apart from online games, it can also play single player RPG, FPS, strategy etc kind of genres on it without any issue.

Kryptonite Microsystems offers such PC with name of Novice and Viscount that could give an idea about possibly needed component for this PC. 

Mid End Gaming PC:

This PC is for moderate gamers who have an idea what kind of games there are into and finally there are ready for the tournaments. These PCs are powered by Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processors along with mid-level Nvidia graphics cards.

A PC suitable almost all kind of games to play at decent graphics settings and for decent FPS together. Multiplayer online games like Warzone, Battlefield, PUBG, Call of Duty etc. will play on FHD resolution with over 100 FPS with decent graphics settings in game.

Kryptonite Microsystems offers such rig by the name Warrior, Elite and MARCOS through website for which links are shared below.

High End Gaming PC:

This PC is designed for experienced gamers who would love to stream as well. Streaming has become a talk of the town and many gamers have been streaming their gameplay consistently but sometimes due to lack of proper hardware the stream quality gets compromised.
This PC can run all modern online and offline games at 2540X1440 resolution without any issue with decent FPS and in game graphics settings.
This PC is usually powered by Intel core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processors along with Nvidia RTX high end GPUs like RTX 3070, RTX 3080 etc.
This PC is for those who don’t want to compromise quality, performance and responsiveness altogether and want to play all kind of modern games any time.

Kryptonite Microsystems offers such rig under name of Conqueror with many customisation options in it. Kindly visit the page mentioned below for more information.

Enthusiastic Gaming PC:

This is the highest end gaming PC designed and prepared for professional gamers who play, stream, record and do many such multiple activities same time.
These PCs are very expensive and are powered by the latest and top notch technologies one could get in current time. Powered by Intel core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 processors and Nvidia RTX 3080Ti, RTX 3090 cards, these PCs are ready for any amount of tasks executed at once. 
This PC can run any game at 4K resolution at 60 FPS and gives a realistic experience to the player and make it future proof for a few years at least.
Kryptonite Mircosystems offers this PC under LEGEND with many customisations option that can be checked through below mentioned link.

There will be more blogs arriving to discuss each and every category of Desktop PCs so stay tune.

Please contact us for more information or guidance regarding our PCs or technical help any time during working hours.